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Let's Eat!

Welcome to my website! Here I will talk about some restuarants & food hubs that I've been to. Regardless of the food quality, all these reviews are 100% honest. You can scroll down the page to find what you're looking for or you can use the navigation bar above. Remember to click the "home" button to visit another location from the navigation bar. I hope you enjoy :)

Let's Eat: Washington!

Top Pot Doughnuts - Seattle, WA

A great place to treat yourself or to catch up with friends. I've been here countless of times and this truley is a North Seattle treasure. From raspberry old fashion donuts to salted caramel ice cream, it's a gaurentee that you will leave happy & satisfied! Plus, the workers are super friendly and overall, there is a super welcoming environment. There are small tables in the back of the shop & I've come here to do homework many times before. My only complaint would be the shop is fairly small. An easy 8.5/10


Din Tai Fung - Seattle, WA

This is a wonderful place to go for a nice dinner with some friends or family. The dumplings are all hand made and the spicy wontons are delicious! One of my favorite items on their menu is the shaved ice. It's the perfect way to end your night! In addition, the waiters and waitresses are super friendly & welcoming! This place definitely deserves a 10/10!


Lotus Thai Cuisine - Seattle, WA

A great place to grab a filling lunch or dinner. I usually order a pad thai or pad see ew with two stars but I have also tried the fried rice and thai iced tea. I highly recommend all of them! The location i go to located at 2724 E Cherry St. The restuarant itself is fairly small so some people prefer to order to-go. The servers take a little while to get to your table but once your order is taken, the food should arive shortly. The pricing is around $12 per main dish but the servings are very big & will easily fill you up. I have been here several times before & I always leave satisfied. A solid 9/10!


Oasis Tea Zone - Seattle, WA

The weather will be warming up soon so Oasis is the perfect place to go. They have a variety of delicious bubble tea flavors to suit your liking. This is also a great place to get some work done on your laptop or the play some board games with friends. A definite 9/10!


Trophy Cupcakes - Seattle, WA

The perfect place to go to grab some dessert. The cupcakes are magnificent and are beautifully made. Everytime I've come here, the workers are super welcoming and friendly. The only caution I have to give is that the cupcakes are fairly sweet, but who doesn't love to treat themselves every once in a while? This lovely place deserves an 8/10!


Let's Eat: Canada!

Tim Hortons - Canada

Ok, you've probably heard of Tim Hortons, regardless of if you're a Canadian or not. This chain fast food restuarant is currently only avaliable in Canada so I HIGHLY recommend stopping by one if you're up north. There is most likely gonna be a line but after you order, the food will come in no time. I usally order a wrap or a sandwich but one of my favorite items on the menu are the cinnamon rolls. They're super tasty! In addition, there are always tables and restrooms. My only complaint would be that it's always really loud. But, without a doubt, 9/10!


Let's Eat: New York!

Virgil's Real BBQ - New York, NY

AMAZING. A 10/10 experience, trust me, you won't regret it!


9th Ave The Best Pizza - New York, NY

A nice place to stop for a quick & inexpensive slice of pizza. The location I went to was fairly small, but there are tables to sit at and nearby parks and benches as well. Overall, 8/10


Let's Eat: Pennsylvania!

Primanti Bros - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The perfect place to grab dinner on a Friday night! Primanti Bros provides an unique twist to traditional American food because the fries are stuffed into the burgers, providing a messy, memorable, and delicous experience! Overall, 8.5/10